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Software Bltools V2.4 Cracked V2.4

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Last version of Bltools_v2.4 FULL CRACK.

  1. Cookie checker for many services - a unique check method that allows you to work without a proxy and at the same time your cookies remain alive. It finds a valid session and checks for all possible information, and also sorts it in a convenient order into different folders and text files. So that you can easily find what you need. Before checking cookies for validity, the program determines whether the required string for authorization is found, thus the speed of work is very high. We do not waste time checking cookies that do not contain information for authorization and do not send unnecessary requests. Services: Steam,Roblox,HumbleBundle,FreeBTC, HitBTC,KuCoin,Kryptex,Poloniex,YouTube,Twitch,TikTok,Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,Netflix,Amazon all countries),WordPress,PathOfExile,PSN,PornHub The most extensive check and sorting of all information into different folders and text files.
  2. Search and sorting cookies - allows you to easily and quickly select the desired cookies with the desired service.
  3. Search and sorting of passwords - allows you to easily and quickly select the right passwords for the right site. It also generates a common login:password and email:password database into separate .txt files.
  4. Search for credit cards and there is also a unique function to search for a CVV code.
  5. Search and sort AutoFills - allows you to easily and quickly find the data you need such as phone number, email, address and more.
  6. Search and sort crypto wallets with a unique feature - balance check.
  7. Search and sort files steam, discord, telegram, ftp.
I assure you that this is the fastest checker in existence. Cookie checker does not miss valid sessions - this is the most important thing. This checker will find something that no other checker will find. You can easily recoup the program by checking your old logs.
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